Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bihar Police Constable Result 2014 and cutoff

Bihar Police Constable Result 2014 and cutoff

SBI Associate Bank PO Result

SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014 and cutoff 2014: State bank of India has already announced large number of vacancy for Probationary office in September 2014. There are 2986 vacant positions for the post of SBI Associate Probationary officer at different branches of SBI. The advertisement number given in employment news as well as other sources is CRPD/PO/AB/2014-15/04. A large number of candidates has a strong desire to permanently grab the public service employment which is known as excellent job in banking sector. According to rule and regulation of economic, we know that State Bank of India is one of the largest Bank in India that spreads their branches in far and wide corner of India. In addition to, State Bank of India has its associate bank like state Bank of Jaipur, Travanor, state Bank of Patial and State Bank of Travankor etc. Few SBI Associate banks merge into one and give the best financial service to their customer like money transfer. So, the staff wants to recruit to best minded candidates for the designation of SBI Associate Bank PO.
Above paragraph portrays that 2986 vacant positions for the post of SBI Associate Bank PO. Hence, a large number of banking aspirant candidates have filled this application form and appeared in this examination at 8 November and 9 November 2014 respectively. All aspirant candidates are waiting for SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014 and make all effort to see it. There is not visible any solid clue for SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014 and it signify that the SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014 in pipeline condition. All candidates must wait for live link for SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014 and thereby they have to take hover and click game on SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014. Most possibly this link redirects to official link of IBPS web portal where candidate can get the trust worthy information regarding SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014. Obviously, this result will tell individual user to exact information whether they have cleared this examination or not through just entering skeptical information like Roll Number, Registration Number, Password and date of birth.
SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014 is meaningful to any candidates if and only if he cleared the SBI Associate Bank Cutoff Result 2014. Each candidate has to pass each subject SBI Associate Bank Cutoff Result 2014 and he/ she is not optimal if he/she has cleared totally SBI Associate Bank Cutoff Result 2014 and not for each subject. The SBI Associate Bank Cutoff Result 2014 will tell that no candidates are eligible to take recruitment of SBI Associate PO if he/ she get less than marks SBI Associate Bank Cutoff Result 2014.

How to get SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014?

  1. Browse official website
  2. Click on link SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014.
  3. Enter your registration Number, password and date of birth to achieve both SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014 and SBI Associate Bank cutoff 2014.
  4. Take the print which you like i.e. SBI Associate Bank PO Result 2014 and SBI Associate Bank cutoff 2014.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


UP Instructor Recruitment 2015 : 11000 Anudeshak Bharti Post 

If you are interested in working at instructor post for the Primary Education Board of U.P, then UP Instructor Recruitment 2015 is for you only. UPPEB is currently hiring for the same position in contractual basis and has taken out around 11,000 hiring in all.

The responsibility of the person selected for these posts will include handling students from primary level and junior high school level. You can inspect the detailed advertisement for UP Instructor Recruitment 2015, either in the legitimated website of the board or in any local newspaper.
UP Instructor Recruitment 2015 : 11000 Anudeshak Bharti Post
Please go through the complete article to get other relevant information about the hiring procedure.
UP Instructor Recruitment 2015 dates for this post:
Onset of Online Registration:8 Jan 2015
End of Online Registration:30 Jan 2015
Last date of Fee Payment:31 Jan 2015
Final Date to finish Online Application:2 Feb 2015
Release of Merit List:2 March 2015
Date for Counseling:10 Mar, 11 Mar, and 12 Mar 2015

UP Instructor Recruitment 2015 Check if you are Eligible:
General eligibility is that appellant must be graduate, however, education criteria varies in accordance with the post; he is going to apply for.
Name of PostEligibility Requirement
Computer Trainer:BCA or B. Sc. in Computer Science; or having DOAECC level A certificate
Physical Ed. Trainer:Graduate in Physical Education
Art Mentor:BA or Graduate in Arts
Home Craft Instructor:Graduate in Home Science
Agricultural Instructor:B. Sc.- AG
Horticulture & Food Preservative:B. Sc.- AG with added diploma in food preservation

How you can apply for UP Instructor Recruitment 2015  post:
Now, when you have checked that you are eligible for the above given vacancy and are looking for the method to apply for it, then follow all the steps that are given below with snapshot:
  1. Go to legitimate website of the primary shikshan board.
  2. Analyze for ‘UP Instructor Recruitment 2015’ and click on it.
  3. You will redirect to registration page, where you will find the applicable steps.
  4. Perform the step- wise process written on the website and complete your registration.
  5. In first step, you will have to register.
  6. While registration; fill all the relevant credentials like, your name, DOB, address etc. and submit it.
  7. After registration for UP Instructor Recruitment 2015, make payment via electronic challan process through State Bank of India at branch nearer to your location.
  8. After when you have filled the demanded application fee, you need to go for step four and click on it.
  9. Enter your REG NUMBER and other credentials and complete your form.
  10. Then, take its hard copy and save it with you.
Hence, by this way; you can apply for the above detailed post. If you have any other questioning regarding the same, then, you can both pay visit to our website or to the official and gratify yourself with obtaining relevant answers.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Impression Making Tips For Job Interview

Know the Facts : Knowing everything you can about the company before the interview ensures you are prepared to answer questions and also shows that you're serious about the job. You won't be thrown for a loop when the interviewer asks you about the company's mission, for example. Visit the company's website and LinkedIn profile. If you have connections to current or former employees, ask them about what the company values most in its employees. Although it's a good starting point, don't focus solely on online research. If possible, scope out the location prior to your interview. Drive by or walk by and see if you can get a sense of the vibe of the organization, such as whether workers are in formal or casual dress. It is also important to map out and memorize the best route to the location so you don't arrive late or end up getting lost.

Arrive on time : Even if you have a good excuse, your interviewer won’t think as highly of you if you’re late. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early. If you get to the building sooner than that, use that extra time to prepare for interview questions in the    ararriving more than 10 minutes early may make your interviewer feel rushed.

Dress to Impress : While you might live in sweats and t-shirts during your job-hunting days, your potential boss should never know that. When you meet with your interviewer, dress for the job that you want. Men should wear a suit and tie, and women should wear an interview-appropriate blouse and skirt, or pants. For both men and women, clean hands and fingernails are crucial. And you should keep jewelry and fragrance to a minimum.
Shake Hands : When you first meet the hiring manager, be sure to shake hands as you exchange initial greetings. But what if your interviewer doesn’t offer his hand? The protocol is to extend yours anyway, as a sign of good will. And if your nerves have gotten the best of you (leaving your hand a swampy, moist mess), keep a tissue in your pocket to wipe it off before walking into the interview.
Act confident : Although being interviewed might be on your top ten list of most intimidating moments along with public speaking and skydiving, try your best to emit confidence! A couple ways to feign confidence is to smile, stand/sit up tall, make eye contact with the interviewer, have a firm handshake, and respond to those interview questions with enthusiasm.
Let the person know you're listening : If it looks like you're not listening, people will be turned off. Give subtle hints that you're listening such as looking the person in the eye, nodding, and saying an occasional 'I see.' Also , ask questions about what someone had just said. It shows you've been paying attention and that you want to know more about what they're saying. Finally, don't interrupt.
Focus on speaking : Speak clearly and at a moderate pace. Work on varying your voice intonation. You don't want to come off as a monotone bore. Also, speak the language of the person interviewing you. Avoid slang and jargon not associated with the job you're interviewing for. Use proper grammar and vocabulary that reflects a higher education. If people can't understand you, it's hard for them to like you.
Display Interest and Enthusiasm : The way you exit the interview can be as crucial as your entrance. Since interviewers will likely most remember the last impression you make, ensure that you leave on a high note. Demonstrate enthusiasm for an interest in the job. For example, you might say what a pleasure it was to meet the interviewer and that you're really looking forward to hearing from her. Don't forget to be polite and friendly to the receptionist or secretary on your way in and out. Your interviewer may ask his impression of you.

Say “Thanks” : As your mother might say, “Mind your manners!” At the end of your interview, don’t forget to thank your interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. The next day, send a personal “thank you” note to each person you met with via email. It’ll set you apart from the crowd.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Pre Inteview Guide

The Questions segment of a Job Order is used to pre-interview
potential Candidates who apply for jobs via your
Web Portal. The questions are visible when the job order
is posted online. Click Add from the questions segment.
First, select the Question Type. Next, fill in the fields as
Question – Enter text of question here
Active – Check this box if you want the user to be
asked this question when applying for a job from the
Required – Check this box if you want the user to be
required to answer this question when applying for a
job from the web.
Knock-Out – Check this box if you want the user to be
routed to a webpage that informs them they are not
qualified for the position if they answer with one of
the knock-out responses for this question (multiple
choice only)
Possible responses – Enter each of the possible responses
to the question here. (multiple choice only)
 Score – Enter the score for each possible response here. If
the response is a knock-out response, enter a value less
than zero.
Language – The language for which you are currently
entering responses.
(note: You must save back the
question once for each time you enter all updated data for
each language.)

Once finished, save the question, and continue to add all the
questions needed. Once the job is posted, the questions will
be displayed to the candidate when they apply for this specific
job. From the Questions segment, the questions can be moved
up or down to change the order in which they will be
displayed on the Web Portal.
Answered questions can be found on the individual submittal
records from the Submittal Tracking segment on the Job